What is the best day and time to send your promotion?

What is the best day and time to send your promotion?

This question has occupied great minds in the email marketing field and has become a science. However, it’s a science whose jury is still well out. You can do a quick Google search to find scholarly articles and white papers on the topic and discover all the confusing views and advice.

What we’ll do here is distil the current thoughts down to the key principles to help you decide when to send your Guestily promotions.

The Conclusion

First, let’s share the conclusion with you, so if you are in a rush and just want the bottom line we’re not holding you up!

  • Send on a weekday at 10.15am (we like Tuesday or Wednesday)
  • Unless you know something about your guest base that suggests point 1 is wrong.
  • Don’t think like ‘you’ – think like your audience when picking your day and time.

Day of The Week

Weekdays are best. Or safest.

Monday to Friday are quite similar in terms of response when you look across all email types – B2B and B2C. Traditionally however, the established wisdom in travel marketing is that people dream - and book - travel more earlier in the week.

Monday tends to be very hectic for people, starting off the working week. For us, the sweet spot is Tuesday or Wednesday. Thursday makes us nervous (Friday work deadlines loom for many).

We’re certainly not great fans of sending on a Friday, because of the pressure many face completing work-related tasks before the weekend.

So what about weekends? Well, weekends are interesting.

We think Saturday is a poor day. People are out shopping, sports with kids and doing household chores.

Sunday is different. Marketers that work predominantly with government and business do not like Sundays. However, for travel products it can be better than average – even better than a weekday. People are dreaming, planning, dreading work on Monday and open to discussing a holiday or short break with their partner. After all, if this weekend was less than exciting, they may be thinking about making the next one better with a short break - or committing to their annual holiday.

Time of Day

Time of day is much easier.

All the studies show that around 10am in your time zone is the most optimal time of day.

Let people get their day started, deal with the pileup in the email in-box (including deleting junk, dealing with emergencies) and then woo them with a holiday. You also catch then just before a social time in the office: morning coffee, water cooler chats etc., when they might talk about your property to colleagues.

We do suggest staggering off the hour – 10.15am, for example. You don’t want the news on the radio or TV or the start of a meeting to compete. Not that everyone reads email the instant it comes in, but if the recipient is tied to their desk in an office they may do and many who work from home have the radio or TV on.

And if you think that people do not dream of travel at work, you must be happy in your job (and most accommodation owners are happy campers – we have a great lifestyle, after all!). However, many office workers are not happy, and that is why a huge number of travel bookings are made during work hours….planning an holiday is a way to escape from the boss and the pressure of work.

The Lifestyle of Your Audience

Now you have a feel for some of the considerations for day of week and time of day, let us throw you a curve ball.

Nothing matters more than your guest base.

Are they younger, older, of a different culture and what about their location and the season where they are?

Younger people (guests in their 20s) are up later and have more hours in the day to engage with email – send at 1.15pm instead of 10.15am.

Older folk (by which we mean 30+!) have more of a business hour focus for email – send at 10.15am.

If most of your guests live in a location where it is winter right now, their days are shorter. Send in daylight and earlier rather than later in the day. If it is summer and daylight saving is in effect, you might experiment with later in the day.

And occupation? If your guest base are mostly business people, lawyers, engineers etc., they have two peaks for email – 10.15am and 1.15pm.

On the other hand, if your guest base is mostly artistic types like musicians, artists, advertising creatives and hospitality workers, don’t ping them at 10.15am….they are still sleepy (or asleep)! 1.15pm could be good.

And nurses? Well, you guessed it….night-shifters can be receptive at 8pm (it’s their 10am).


Well, that’s back up the top.

And if you need advice, just ask us. We give great advice and its free.

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