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+ Who is Guestily for?

Guestily is a service exclusively for accommodation owners worldwide.

+ Is Guestily free to register?

Yes. We also do your setup free and tailor our template to your property.

+ What does Guestily cost?

For pricing please click here to visit our pricing page. Guestily is free to register. We do your setup free. When you are ready to send a promotion, you’ll pay a flat rate to send your promotion for lists up to 3,000 subscribers. Click here to check pricing in your currency. Contact us if your list is larger. For this flat fee, we do all the design, setup and manage your promotion's broadcast - all you do is give us the wording and we do the rest for you.

+ Is my list kept private?

Absolutely. Your precious guest list remains 100% private.

+ Do I have to learn difficult systems?

No. We do it all for you. There is nothing hard for you to learn.

+ How quickly can I be set up ready to send my first campaign?

We need to tailor our email template to your property and e wait until you submit your first promotion to do this. Give us a few business days from when you submit your first promotion and we’ll have you all set up and ready to send.

+ Does Guestily provide analytics for campaigns I send?

Yes. You will get a personal login to view the results for every campaign you send.

+ How do I build my list?

Guestily can be used to send permission-based communications to your guest universe – for example, past guests of your property and those who have enquired in the past. We will let you know the format to provide your list when you register. Guestily can also provide you with a subscribe form for your website. You cannot use purchased, rented, third party, harvested or scraped lists of any kind with our service.

+ Can I personally address my guests by name in my messages?

Yes, in fact, we encourage it.

+ Is Guestily available worldwide?

Yes. We serve owners worldwide. Our support is in English but we can broadcast in most languages.

+ What is Guestily’s anti-spam policy?

It’s strict. We do not allow spam. Read our policy here. Please walk away now if you intend to try and use our service to spam because we set up, check, secure and authorise every broadcast for our clients, who are verified by as as bone fide accommodation owners/operators, so there is no point trying with us.

+ Do you have another question?

Please ask us – we’re happy to help. Click here to contact us.